I believe in the past, Milwood community garage sales were promoted by Jaqua Realtors (signage, internet postings, etc) but a few years ago they stopped promoting it so participation and awareness have gone down drastically.


The last few years the Milwood neighborhood has not participated in the garage sale. Any particular reason, and will it take place this year?? I live there and haven't received any info or signs....


Does anyone know when the weathervane garage sale (comstock) will be this year?

sylvia perkins

john is it decided yet, about the merrybrook sale, is it may 21 or 3rd sat in may??.sylvia in kalamazoo love neighborhood sales

David Feaster

Parkview Hills is doing a neighborhood garage sale on May 18th 2013


I live in Milwood and I had not heard anything about the sale this year. I went out today, and of course, there were a few, but nothing like it used to be. POOR ADVERTISING!! And I had lots of junk to sell too. BUMMER!


I hope so-- I'm planning on having one!


Is the Milwood sale on this year?

John Arend

The Merrybrook Neighborhood Annual Garage sales in Comstock will be Sat. May 21 (or the 3rd Sat. in May). Just take Sprinkle to East Main st, go east 1 mile to THE MERRYBROOK NEIGHBORHOOD!

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